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Ricky’s Revolution

Jeannie Kerrigan
January Jones -Ricky’s Revolution

Jeannie Kerrigan is an author, healer, teacher and spiritual leader and an incredible keynote speaker for non-violence. Having taught Quantum Healing, Somatic Polarity, Ancient Wisdom Teachings and Indigenous Spirituality to students all over the world, Jeannie’s lifelong passion is to bring modern relevance to this wisdom ~ weaving the web of non-violence and empowering sacred movement in its highest vibration.

Through her book Layla, her organization ~ Ricky’s Revolution Non-Profit, workshops, one-on-one healing sessions, radio, television and public speaking, Jeannie empowers people with the tools and wisdom they need to heal themselves and each other. Jeannie helps people discover the shift in vibration and provides the support needed in transitions and peace of mind for life.

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January Jones-God Reconsidered

Scott Smith

January Jones-Scott Smith-Amazing Women

Scott S. Smith is a freelance journalist, his 1,200 articles have appeared in 175 publications, including Success, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles Times & Chief Executive. He currently contributes 8 times a month to the “Leaders & Success” column of Investor’s Business Daily

On today’s show he will give us an over-view on his latest book: God Reconsidered! He wrote this book in order to encourage reader participation in the exciting process of seeking the truth.

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A Man and His Ham- May 6- The Connected Table LIVE!

posted by Melanie Young

In Tennessee we have special terms to measure distance like “yonder,” “up the road” and “down a ways.” This can mean anything from a short drive or a long haul.

Just up the road about an hour or so drive north of my hometown Chattanooga, Tennessee, is Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Ham in Madisonville. Some of the nation’s best country ham and bacon comes this relatively small facility in operation since 1947. It’s easy to pass by the unassuming building  when you’re driving along the highway. But you’ll never pass up a serving of Benton’s ham and bacon once you have a taste.

Allan Benton

Allan Benton

I first discovered Allan Benton thanks to my mother, Sonia Young. She promised Chef Daniel Boulud a Tennessee country ham one night after a particularly indulgent dinner at Restaurant Daniel in New York City. After we sent Chef Boulud a Benton’s ham we made it our tradition to send thank you hams to every chef who took care of us at a dinner in their restaurants.  Over the years I’d send packets of Benton’s bacon to friends and colleagues as thank you gifts.

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